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Gear Up
2-wheel drive
Picture yourself blazing your own trail through mud, sand, and snow. The rugged 2-wheel drive, military-inspired Gear Up is equipped with spare gas can for long-range recon jobs, minimal chrome for clandestine assignments, sidecar-mounted spotlight for night work, and a Soviet-issue entrenching tool. (Hey, with your lifestyle, you never know when you might have to bury something.)

Colors: Woodland Camo, Urban Camo, Asphalt
MSRP    $15,999*

2-wheel drive
Muscle your way through mud and snow on your Ural Patrol -- the ONLY motorcycle in the world manufactured with on-demand sidecar drive. When the going gets tough, a flip of the lever gives you all the traction you'll ever need, in any terrain. Whether you're patrolling the snow-swept Siberian tundra, shifting Saharan sands, or slippery suburban streets, this gutsy machine will let you master the elements.

Colors: Green Metallic, Grey Metallic, Burgundy Metallic
MSRP    $15,599*

A dead ringer for a classic sidecar machine of days gone by – updated with a few modern touches for superior functionality. The Retro exudes class, that indefinable blend of sophistication and savoir-faire, along with a healthy dose of street smarts. Show up at a fancy dinner on your Retro. It'll look perfectly comfortable among the Jags and Bentleys. And so will you.

Color: Olive Drab
MSRP    $15,999*
Primary cT
We made the cT affordable by stripping it right down to the basics that have made the Ural sidecar motorcycle a cult classic all over the world: glamour, stunning good looks, cool factor, and FUN. This gorgeous black beauty will turn heads wherever you ride. And leave you with a lot more cash in your pocket when you get there. The cT is quite simply an awesome piece of hardware at an irresistible price.

Colors: Terracotta, Gloss Grey
MSRP    $12,999*

Classic Look. New Machine.
New fuel injection system (EFI)
Now, more user friendly, better fuel economy and reduced emissions. The EFI system has been developed specifically for Ural by ElectroJet, Inc., a Michigan-based engineering company, using components by Bosch and Delphi. This system precisely manages fuel delivery and ignition timing while simultaneously allowing the cylinders to communicate with each other for better idling and balance.

Now 42 ft-lbs of torque at 4300rpm – a 15% increase!
What's even more impressive is that 90% of max torque is achieved below 2300 rpms – and that puts the power where you need it.

Disc brakes on all three wheels

New 18-position adjustable hydraulic damper

New air box and an improved cam profile.

Redesigned front cover integrating a standard spin-on oil filter

New wire harness

Redesigned dashboard with fuel level warning

 New final drive housing

Completely redesigned all-wheel hubs

* MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is subject to change due to USA dollar fluctuations. Price does not include destination charges, applicable state and/or local taxes, license or title fees.

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Built like a tank. Tough as an old Russian cavalry boot. We call them Sport Utility Motorcycles.
No road? No problem. Rugged shaft drive eliminates the weak link in chain-based designs.
And yes, they’re street legal, conforming to all US Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards and EPA regs.
So load up your gear and a comrade and you’re good to go -- ANYWHERE.
Legendary Boxer Design Engine
Expert Authorized Service
Ural motorcycles are perfectly capable of enduring the most adverse weather conditions and roughest terrain. As with any machine, maintenance is essential. Get the straight talk from Bill.
I am your authorized Irbit Motor Works of America service technician. I can advise you and provide maintenance solutions for your motorcycle. Get dependable performance of your URAL with regular and proper servicing. The longevity of Ural sidecar motorcycles is the stuff of legends.

~Bill / Proprietor V.T. Cycles, Poland, Maine

Free Dealer Prep
And, FREE destination charges– a $1,000 SAVINGS!

Motorcycles built by the Irbit Motorworks Factory (IMZ), Irbit, Russia. Distributed by Irbit Motorworks of America, Redmond, WA, USA. Assembled and road-tested by V. T. Cycles, Poland, Maine, USA.

Ride a Legend The IMZ-Ural Legend

The original M72 combat motorcycle was based on a pre-WWII BMW design obtained from the Germans. Production began in Moscow, but when the Nazis invaded in 1941, the factory was dismantled, loaded onto freight cars, and moved east of the Ural Mountains, to the Siberian town of Irbit. Here, at the Irbit Motor Works (IMZ) almost 10,000 machine-gun equipped Urals were built for Soviet recon and mobile troops during the Great Patriotic War. Production resumed at Irbit in the 1950s, and continues there to the present day.

Longevity: 40 Years, 500,00 KM
Longevity: 40 Years, 500,00 KM

A letter of thanks.
Sverdlovsk area,
Irbit, Motorcycle Factory
Street Soviet, 100
To director
Kurmachevu Vladimir Nikolaevichu.

A Letter of Thanks.

On May, 29th, 1966 I bought a motorcycle "Urals Mountains-2" (M-63). To this day, over 40 years, we use this fine, reliable transportation.

At 70 years of age on a motorcycle, I have passed through Northern caucasus, Dombai, Astrakhan and all Volgograd regions. The motorcycle is our carrier for both fishing and mushrooms, and getting to our summer residence. It has worked very regularly and is a pleasure in our life.

In 40 years I have driven this motorcycle nearly 500,000 kilometers. A bow to all workers of the motorcycle factory. I wish sound health to all and long prosperity to the factory.

With sincere respect to your collective families.
Usachevykh Victor Yakovlevicha,
Tamaras Vasilevny .